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Revitive Medic Circulation booster tilt

Feel better with Revitive!

Revitive® Medic Circulation Booster® is a drug-free, FDA-Cleared medical device. Patented and clinically-tested, Revitive’s Electrical Muscle Stimulation gets your lower leg muscles pumping. This delivers more oxygenated blood into your legs and feet, and helps relieve aches and pains. Revitive is also FDA cleared to help improve leg muscle strength and endurance.

Clinically-tested, Revitive Medic:
  • Actively improves circulation
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Improves leg muscle strength & endurance


"I am now back on my feet dancing again!
My granddaughter asked me to dance with her. I was able to dance two long dances and I would never have been able to do that without REVITIVE. Jerry Petry, OR
He walks better, he feels better!
Dennis' legs were holding him back. After using REVITIVE, Dennis noticed a huge difference. In Maureen's words: "He walks better, he feels better, he feels stronger." Maureen & Dennis, El Segundo CA
“Now you can't keep me out of my garden!”
I love this machine because it really helps me walk better and I use it faithfully because I have such poor circulation. Now you can't keep me out of my garden! Gloria, Chicago IL

Our promise - feel better in 6-8 weeks

Revitive Medic Circulation booster Side view
Revitive Circulation Booster should not be used if you are fitted with an electronic or metallic implant, such as a pacemaker or AICD, being treated for, or suspect you have, a deep vein thrombosis or are pregnant. © 2019 Actegy Health. All Rights Reserved.