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Freqently Asked Questions

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  • Q: How long does it usually take to experience relief?

  • Q: How easy is it to use REVITIVE?

  • Q: Is there anyone who cannot use REVITIVE?

  • Q: Who should check with their doctor before using REVITIVE?

  • Q: How often should I use REVITIVE?

  • Q: What are the 15 Stimulation Waveforms?

  • Q: Do you stand or sit to use the REVITIVE?

  • Q: How far up the leg will the benefits extend?

  • Q: What is the REVITIVE IX model (sold on Amazon) and how does it differ?

  • Q: Does REVITIVE Circulation Booster also 'massage'?

  • Q: I exercise regularly, do I really need REVITIVE?

  • Q: How heavy and big is it?

  • Q: Is it battery or outlet operated?

  • Q: Does REVITIVE make a noise?

    A: REVITIVE makes no operating noise. However it does beep at switch on and switch off, one beep at the start and three beeps at the end.

  • Q: Does REVITIVE heat up?