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How it works

REVITIVE Circulation Booster uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in your feet. This causes the foot and calf muscles to contract and relax, pumping fresh, oxygen-rich blood into the legs and feet. Using REVITVE daily for at least 20-30 minutes can improve the blood flow in your legs and feet, and reduce your aches and pains.

  • Reduce muscle pain in legs & feet

  • Relieve tired aching legs & feet

  • Actively improve circulation

Person with both feet on the foot pads of the Revitive Medic

How does REVITIVE treat your legs and feet?

Typical usage is 20-30 minutes, daily. Utilize these great features to maximize your experience.

  1. Person using the remote to adjust the intensity of the Revitive Medic

    Variable intensity level
    As you increase the intensity, you will feel a pulsing sensation in your legs and feet. This allows your muscles to contract and relax.

  2. Person with both feet on the foot pads of the Revitive Medic

    Patented isoRocker
    When the desired intensity level is reached allowing your muscles to contract and your feet will begin rocking up and down on our patented isorocker. The isorocker allows for greater range of ankle joint movement, replicating heel toe raises without undue pressure.

  3. Ems stimulations while using Revitive Medic

    EMS Stimulates leg muscles REVITIVE uses EMS technology. EMS works by delivering electrical pulses that activate nerves in the body, working muscles that help circulate blood in your legs and feet.

  4. Stimulation patterns whilst using the Revitive Medic

    15 different stimulation patterns During usage, REVITIVE has 15 varied stimulation patterns called Waveforms. This stops your muscles getting used (to or habituating) to the therapeutic stimulation, maximizing potential benefit.

See REVITIVE in action

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What people are saying

I think this is an excellent product..."

Todd Walton, CSCSPhysical Therapist**

Prof. Mark Whiteley

Really does work!"

Lawrence, Natchez, Mississippi**

I really love this product!"

Bertha, Louisville, KY**

Why is circulation important?

Good circulation is vital for good health, but age, certain illnesses, and even just being less active can all cause circulation problems.

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