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Leg muscle weakness

Leg muscle atrophy (or muscle wasting): occurs when there is reduced muscle mass and strength in our legs. Reduced physical activity, disease, or injury are a few factors that cause leg muscle weakness. This may make it very difficult for someone to walk or simply get up from a seated position.

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Symptoms, causes, and complications

of muscle atrophy


  • Leg muscles are noticeably different in size from one another
  • One leg feels weaker in comparison to the other
  • Legs feel less stable or unable to support your weight

Common Causes

  • Lack of physical activity for prolonged periods
  • Aging can cause muscle atrophy over time
  • Specific injuries that inhibit movement and physical activity


  • Losing balance - risk of falling
  • Reduced desire to move around (further weakening the muscles)
  • Reduced circulation (which comes with more health complications)
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How REVITIVE can help you

REVITIVE Circulation Booster is a drug-free medical device that uses clinically-tested Electrical Muscle Stimulation. The electrical impulses travel through the feet and legs, contracting the lower leg muscles and getting blood moving. With daily use, REVITIVE can help strengthen your lower leg muscles, while improving blood flow in your legs and feet.

    With REVITIVE your legs may feel:
  • Stronger
  • Re-energized
  • Ache & Pain-free

Excellent machine that is simple to operate and really does work to eliminate footache and leg pain. Lawrence, Mississippi** Reevoo Logo