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Revitive Advanced

Designed to Relieve Tired aching legs & feet. Reduce swelling. FDA Cleared

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Revitive Medic

Designed to Relieve painful legs & feet. Reduce persistent swollen feet & ankles. Relieve cramping & muscle stiffness. FDA Cleared. Also suitable for people with conditions or diseases associated with poor circulation.

✓ 2 FREE Sets of Body Pads

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Revitive Medic Circulation Booster is:

 Clinically Proven to actively improve circulation 

 FDA Cleared to help improve muscle strength & endurance

Our promise - feel better in 6-8 weeks

* For use as an adjunctive treatment to temporarily reduce lower extremity pain, swelling and cramping. Revitive Circulation Booster should not be used if you are fitted with an electronic implant, such as a pacemaker or AICD, being treated for, or suspect you have, a deep vein thrombosis or are pregnant. © 2019 Actegy Health. All Rights Reserved.