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Maureen and Dennis both enjoy being active, but Dennis' legs were holding him back. After only a 3 days of daily use of REVITIVE Dennis noticed a huge difference. His wife Maureen tells us that now "He walks better, he feels better, he feels stronger!"**

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Q: How long does it usually take to experience relief?
While Dennis started to see results after just 3 days, for most people it typically takes a few weeks of daily use of REVITIVE. And for some, it may take 6-8 weeks, especially if they have been suffering for many years.

Everyone is different and that’s why, when you buy directly, we include a
60-day (8 week) trial period, so everyone has the chance to feel the REVITIVE benefit.

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Over a million people around the world use the REVITIVE Circulation Booster, helping to boost their circulation and to keep doing the things they love.

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Lynda was finding that a day without pain is far less common than a day with pain. After using REVITIVE she felt energized and pain free. Lynda tried everything to get rid of her pain, nothing has worked like REVITIVE.**

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Shery and Jerry both have problems with poorer circulation. Feeling a benefit after using REVITIVE, Jerry was able to dance with his granddaughter. Something he would never have been able to do without REVITIVE.**

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Terre has always had an active life and uses REVITIVE to help him to maintain his lifestyle and continue to be as active as he has been. He had aches or the pains and found that after using REVITIVE he felt renewed.**

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I was on pain pills prescribed by my doctor for my feet, and quit using them because they just didn't work. I started using the REVITIVE and it's made a grand improvement. I've found that I only need to use it once a day to improve my legs/feet. I informed my doctor & he advised me that if it was working to continue using it.

Ronald, Wisconsin**Reevoo Logo Reevoo Logo

Excellent machine that is simple to operate and really does work to eliminate footache and leg pain. Can't rate this machine highly enough

Lawrence, Mississippi** Reevoo Logo Reevoo Logo

Amazing boost for tired and aching legs and feet. Such a revived feeling after a 20 minute session is completed. Treatments have truly helped my foot problems. No regrets in our purchase.

CP, Texas** Reevoo Logo Reevoo Logo

**Individual results may vary